Fire Proof

Fire Proof

Intumescent coatings for passive fire protection

For well over 100 years, architects have been designing steel-framed buildings because steel, as a construction material, offers design flexibility and efficiency. Indeed, it was only when steel-framed construction had been mastered that the first skyscrapers were possible, and structural steel remains a popular choice in construction. But the use of structural steel does present a challenge: in a raging fire, steel can lose its strength, resulting a catastrophic failure, with the very real risk of serious damage and loss of life.

One way to control that risk is with special coatings called intumescent coatings. These paints react in the presence of intense heat to form an insulating layer that can extend structural integrity for up to 2 hours. Intumescent coating systems are specified by the length of time that they protect a structure (usually 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes). The duration of the protection depends on a number of factors, including the film thickness and the steel profiles the system is protecting. Kopak Industries recently introduced FIRECORE®, the first and only BS476 Fire Proof Paint manufactured in Pakistan. It is also the first chlorine-free intumescent coating based on waterborne technology. With stricter regulations governing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) all across the globe, and builders and architects specifying healthier, and more environmentally friendly materials, FIRECORE® is a welcome alternative to solvent-borne intumescent coatings.

Most traditional methods of fireproofing are aesthetically unappealing and labor intensive to apply. In contrast, FIRECORE® can be applied easily on-site during construction and also provides an attractive finish that does not compromise intricate designs and shapes created from the steel. This allows maximum architectural expression for structures such as airports, stadiums, leisure facilities, hospitals, office buildings, emergency exits and doors.

Simple application off-site or on-site

Intumescent coatings offer a number of advantages compared to other passive fire protection systems, such as concrete casing or fire-resistant boards. They are quick to apply to steel structures either on or off-site. They are also extremely thin, leaving more room for ceiling and wall fixtures, and easy to maintain.

Testing and quality control

All our intumescent coatings are thoroughly tested to ensure reliable and lasting performance, both in our labs and by independent specialists and international standards boards.

Our production facilities undergo yearly inspections to ensure they meet the required quality and certification requirements. Our raw materials are tested to strict requirements. We also employ state-of-the-art line quality control and regularly test batch samples in our in-house furnaces to ensure product quality.

FIRECORE® standard


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