Food Grade

Food Grade

BPA (Bisphenol A) free coating protects assets, food products and the environment

SEOUL (June 2, 2012)–Ensuring food products remain uncontaminated during their journey from field to tables worldwide is more important, and more regulated, than ever. Solving a common food safety problem faced by agricultural producers, Kopak today announced Line Epoxy 5555™, an innovative coating technology that combines toughness and flexibility to prevent contamination when transporting and storing dry bulk food products. The new product meets CODEX and FDA 175.300 standards for direct contact bulk storage.

LINE EPOXY 5555™ is a polyamide-cured modified epoxy formulated for lining rail hopper cars, storage tanks, marine vessels and grain elevators. It offers excellent corrosion protection and flexibility, and is impact and abrasion resistant. Its high build and flexibility also make the product suitable for bolted and/or riveted tanks and concrete. A unique copolymer designed to provide impact resistance and crack protection at flexing weld seams is the key to LINE EPOXY 5555™’s resilient performance.

In addition to solving its customers’ needs for a food-safe, durable coating, Kopak also developed this new product to have less environmental impact and be safer than other coatings used for dry bulk storage. LINE EPOXY 5555™ is 100 percent solids and contains zero solvents and its volatile organic compound (VOC) content is less than 100 grams per liter (16 g/L; 0.13 lb/gal, mixed). LINE EPOXY 5555™ also is free of bisphenol A (BPA), making it a safer option for agricultural producers that choose not to use products or linings that contain BPA.

LINE EPOXY 5555™’s extreme flexibility and durability make it a breakthrough product in the dry food storage and transportation segment. This product demonstrates our commitment to developing high-performance coatings that protect assets, people and the environment.

Designed as a one-coat or two-coat system, LINE EPOXY 5555™ dries and cures quickly to reduce the time assets are out of service. Its tough glossy surface is easy to clean, minimizing maintenance requirements.

Kopak also offers many other different types of Food Grade Coatings. Call us to find out the Food Grade Coating that suits you best.

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